MIA international student accommodation provides extensive activities for students to build relationships with others in the residential community while participating in interesting and unique experiences. In addition to having fun, the goal of many of the activities is to further develop teamwork and leadership within students and to expose them to cultural tour, new sports, outdoor activities, volunteer and provide opportunities to experience of west cost of Canada. We expect that every student will participate in the programming offered in order to strengthen their connection with school and the community and broaden their experiences.

Volunteer activity in Canada is an important part of the Canadian education system. In Canada, secondary students are required to complete 30-40 hours of volunteer activity before graduating. At the same time, it is regarded as an important part in college applications. Volunteer activity is significant in student’s personal statement and associated with college applications. MIA arranges volunteer activity at least once a month to strengthen the advantage of their college application.

Up to 40 weekend activities for choice, like UBC tour, Vancouver Museum, skiing, rock climbing, BBQ, movie night and etc. The sample of weekend activity schedule 2020-2021 pls download…

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